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רבי משה בן מימון
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Persian Maimonides Foundation

 بنیاد ایرانی هارامبام                


 برای ثبت نام در کافه رامبام، اولین دورۀ کلاس های سه ماهۀ بنیاد با عنوان :    

  راهنمای سرگشتگان به فارسی و کافه رامبام برای  


افراد زیر چهل سال به زبان انگلیسی   

در لس آنجلس، بورلی هیلز

 با شماره های

 ۶۵۳۵- ۴۷۲- ۳۱۰ 

   ۳۱۰-۹۲۷-  ۳۰۸۹ 

تماس حاصل فرمایید.





Café Rambam 

Classes will focus on interactively reading and discussing selected chapters of the Guide for the Perplexed by Moses Maimonides - Instructor: Shirin D. Daghighian - 


Complementary program: Guest speakers in the fields of philosophy, psychology, medical sciences, and behavioral sciences


Attendance in Café Rambam( English) is free for individuals under 40

Program Announcement


Café Rambam


Persian Maimonides Foundation has newly launched the Café Rambam, a book club for the second generation young professional singles/university students in New York City and Los Angeles.


Café Rambam’s goal is facilitating a spiritual and intellectual communication between the Persian Jewish singles, through reading and discussing English books on Rambam’s philosophy and other works of the outstanding Jewish thinkers and spiritual figures.


The book club “Café Rambam” will be run in English and will take place at the Iranian-American Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, and in private places in New York City, once a month.


Registration will be free and by prior reservation. Moderators will contact you regarding the date of the first session.  The first session will be an introduction to the life and works of Maimonides.


The first read: 'The Life-Transforming Diet Based on Health and Psychological Principles of Maimonides', by David J. Zulberg.

Contact Café Rambam’s moderators at:

New York City, Shirin Soufian:


Los Angeles, Nazanin Derakhshan:





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بنیان گذاران، هیئت مدیره و مدیریت
بنیاد ایرانی هارامبام


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